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The Webmasters

It was my understanding PayPal was going to be up and running in early December to pay membership renewals, etc. Where do I find that? Also the membership form on the website says 2013. Is there an updated membership form to print off and mail?   

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PayPal requires changes to the web site that weren't discussed with your webmaster, but I am making the necessary changes now and will get the PayPal link up and running as soon as possible. Apologies for the delay!

Do you receive these comments?

 I unintentionally deleted my email newsletters and now can't find them. Will they be posted on the website in addition to the printed New Geysir or Geysir newsletters?

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If the newsletter team will send me the email newsletters, then I will post them promptly.

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The e-newsletters are on the fb page, the webmaster has been sent copies.
I would also like to see them on our web page.

David Johnson is now in charge of Facebook.  Henry Bjornsson's name is spelled with 2 s's;  Amanda Allen is in charge of the Newsletter; Leif Ericson day is planned by the Icelandic Board;  2013 Princess is Jenny Bjarnason.  Also, why are the comments posted on the bottom of some of the pages?

Do we  have a group participating in the 17th of May (Syttende Mai) Parade in Ballard this year? I noticed in the info about May 17th  that at the Leif Erickson Hall local  Scandinavian organizations will have promotional material about their groups. Will we have a presence there?

Oops! my mistake! It looks like the Leif Erickson Hall activity was last year. Sorry for the confusion :)

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